Cambridge public school is a completely secular institution that instills into its students a deep regard for Indian traditions and customs. Students are free to practise any religion of their choice, and the school celebrates all major festivals with equal joy and reverence. Prayer meetings are held on the school’s birthday and on Gandhi Jayanti, during which prayers from many different religions are chanted. The school believes in exposing students to diverse faiths and beliefs, so that they may become responsible, cultured and dedicated individuals.

Since children spend their formative years in school , the environment in which they grow up is of tremendous significance. At Cambridge we seek to develop a sense of values and strength in each student , and we seek to create an atmosphere of honesty, of earnest effort , of friendliness and humility, of intellectual curiosity essential to the unfettered development of a young mind.

The students are encouraged to think for themselves , to ask questions, to explore, and to realise that there are no barriers to knowledge. To that end, GEPs (Greater Education Programmes) have been initiated once a week , Value Education is a part of the daily life of thee School , and is subtly instilled in the children through the daily interaction with House- mistresses, Class teachers and other members of Staff.