The school is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi, an all-India Board. It is the aim of the School to make learning a joyful experience through discovery, questioning and independent research. The School has classes from PLAY GROUP to X ; the academic year begins in end- March every year and final examinations are conducted in early March of the following year .

Promotion to the next higher class at the end of the academic year is on the basis of a scheme of continuous assessment and is in accordance with rules decided upon by the School Examinations Committee. A student is normally required to achieve a minimum of 35% in each subject and a total aggregate of above 40% in classes V-VIII and XI-XII ; in classes IX and X, the minimum requirement for promotion is 35% in English and four other subjects and a total aggregate of above 35% , as per the rules which govern the class X ICSE Board examination.

English, Hindi and Social Studies (History, Civics and Geography ) are compulsory for all students. Additionally , the School expects all students to take Mathematics and Science( Physics, Chemistry and Biology ). As an optional Sixth subject, the school offers the choice of any one of the following : Economics, Office Practice , Home Science , Art, Indian Music, Computer Science, Sanskrit, French.

The school wishes to offer its students the widest possible opportunity to specialisee in their chosen areas of interest and therefore does make every effort to cater to an individual’s special requirements by accommodating possible.