The School offers a large variety of co-curricular activities: vocal classical music, dances , dramatics, art, craft-work, audio-visual technique, photography, computer studies. The students are taught by experts in the field and often attain a remarkably high standard in their chosen field of activity.

Additionally, the School has various societies that are run by the girls themselves in co-ordination with a staff advisor. These include the Debating Society, the English Literary Society, the Hindi Literary Society, the drama club, the Quiz Club, and the Music Society.

Meeting are regularly held, programmes presented, and inter-House, inter- class and inter-School competitions organized. The all-India inter-school English and Hindi creative writing ,allocation ,debates ,natural quiz and several others.

Student are regularly sent to represent the school in co-curricular fixtures hosted by other Schools, both Within and out of U.P. Occasionally, professional dancers and vocalists, ceramic artists, painters, craftsman, drama directors and photographers are invited on a short- term basis to conduct workshops for the student.